NANO GEMSTONE - is a ceramic material with very tiny-size spinal phases. it has a special physical and optical properties: color- homogenous and even, hardness = 7 - 7.5, refractive index = 1.61 - 1.64, density = 3.0 -3.3 g/ cm 3, melting temperature 1600- 1750 C, Luster and Color are maximally close to many natural gemstones. high thermal shock resistance makes nanogem fully compatible with wax casting jewelry.

Nanogem is the best substitute of the the color natural gemstones! it completely simulate the brightness, colors, hardness and density of many gemstones: green emerald, Blue sapphire, blue topaz, Aqumarine, Citrine, Peridot, Garnet, Kunzite, MorGanite, Smoky Quartz, Turquoise and many others natural gem stones.

emerald dark
emerald medium
emerald light
sapphire dark
sapphire medium
sapphire light
swiss dark
swiss medium
sky medium
peridot medium
garnet medium
smoky dark
citrine dark
citrine medium
citrine light
pink tourmaline
night blue very dark
night blue dark
ash gray medium
sapphire opeque
spinel opeque
opal blue medium
turquoise blue
honey opeque
ivory opeque
opal pink medium
yellow white light
milki white opeque