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About Golay Buchel India

CZ Diamonds have long been regarded as one of natures most precious gems. Their magnificence, power, and tenacity have fascinated people all across the world since the dawn of time. Diamonds allure has grown through time, and they have come to symbolise our most treasured moments, ties, and commitments. They reflect everlasting feelings by being strong and indestructible.

The worlds finest quality Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Diamonds are masterfully fashioned by Golay Buchels extremely talented designers and jewellers. Every piece tells a story and incorporates years of accomplished workmanship, with a focus on trend curation, design, and meaningful branding. Golay Buchels expertise is not limited to refining diamonds; we also investigate methods for creating the most stunning pieces.

Golay Buchels talented staff develop high-quality diamonds that will last and look gorgeous for years. Our diamonds are the greatest grade CZ in the market, and our mountings are strong, not fragile. Our headquarters are in India, while all of our jewellery is manufactured in Italy.

Quality of Our Cubic Zirconia Diamonds

In the worlds finest Cubic Zirconia (CZ) jewellery market, Golay Buchel is the industry leader. What distinguishes our jewellery as the best? Cubic Zirconia was developed in Russia in the 1970s as a diamond substitute for laser applications. Later, those stones were offered to the jewellery industry as a gem material because of their extraordinary clarity and brilliance as a diamond alternative.

CZ diamonds, comes in a variety of shapes:

Golay Buchel solely employs the original classic Russian formula CZ, which has a purity rating of 99.99 percent. This makes a huge impact in the quality, clarity, longevity, and clarity of the finished stones, even in rough form. Golay Buchel uses stones that even exceed the industry criteria for AAAAA, out of the five grades of CZ available (A being the lowest and AAAAA being the most).

Golay Buchel CZ s brilliance is partly dependent on professional cutting and polishing. Our diamonds have the most facets imaginable, cut at just the correct angle and to just the perfect depth for optimum brilliance.

In every aspect, we stand behind our jewellery, and each piece is guaranteed for life. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately so that our dependable customer support team can assist you.